Sunday, 31 January 2010

I Shot Jonny!

The date of the shoot is unknown, because I forgot (my bad), but the brief was to
"Devise a concept that captures a background statement that isn't an obvious part of the shoot"
Now, as tricky as that sounds, I had a brainwave. On the scale of brainwaves, this isn't no Windows Seven brainwave, that will completely revolutionize an operating system.... (that in reality is probably just full of shit and lies) but I found it to be quite a good little brainwave never the less! The shoot was for two boutiques in Huddersfield, One being a couture boutique (The Left Bank) and the other being a vintage shop (Magic). The thing that they both have in common is that there single shops, and are unique to Huddersfield.

Now following them lines, the big question was:
"How do we portray "Unique" other than shoot the location?"
At first, it was a nightmare to approach. Finding this "Code" came across as a near impossible task, yet after several cups of coffee and a few cheeky cigs- BAM it hit me! Signitures!

Following the concept came ideas, the code was in place, the scene was set, the copy for the campaign was being discussed and all I had to do now was find a model and obtain enough signatures to fill a studio wall.
The signatures couldn't of been easier to get hold of, we just didn't really give people the option of saying no, and scoured the library making people sign post-its.

The next part is something to tell the grandkids.
Jonny was a good friend of mine from when I was working in the Kingsgate Centre. One evening doing an all nighter I bumped into him in the library and we got talking, I then seen him on a few nights out....etc etc etc...
A few days later, this brief came up and he seemed perfect for the occasion. So I got on the blower the night before and said "Mate there's one thing me and you both know your good at, Standing there and looking fucking beautiful......any chance i can borrow you for a couple of hours tomorrow??"
Now, baring in mind that he was up all night doing a project and hadn't slept, I think we both agree that the guy delivered. The Copy for the campaign was
"Unique To Huddersfield, Unique To You"
......Heres a few of the pics!

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