Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Starting This Off With A Bang....

First blog is always gonna be a tricky one, so i thought that there is nothing better than an explanation.
I created this blog to showcase what me as a person is into, Publishing things that makes me tick, what design I like and what Music I'm into. Also secondly to showcase my artwork, things that I create etc.

Right so firstly the design bit, Ye?
A few things have caught my eye this week. The overspill of exhibition posters that have been flying around the "Blogosphere" has been causing some what of an irritation. Firstly, because some of them are just shit and Secondly, because some of these exhibitions I'm just never going to be able to attend (Unfortunately). Either way, some of these are ridiculously cool poster campaigns. The following are what attracted me the most. It saddens me that the websites they were on did not have a like button, because I could well of clicked it, but never the less, I give the following a Bradshaw thumbs up.

And my personal favourite.....

Now For The Music, Ye?
This week has seriously opened my eyes to Major Lazer's album "Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do!
Now, I'm thinking that to people that are seriously into their music, that this is a late post, yet, After a nice Fifa 10 / Spotify session (Approximately an hour and half later) I realized that the album is a piece of art, and isn't something to be ignored. The experimentation with new sounds and potentially a whole new genre in my life of "reggae complimented by synthesized electronic beats" is an outstanding achievement and is definitely something that is being remixed over and over again. Heres a small preview of the album that Bradshaw highly recommends....

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