Monday, 22 November 2010

Going Loco Down In H-Town?

AH its been a while, as usual.
Just a quick one today peeps.
Just finished off a CD cover for my man Adam Knowles for his new Loco Mix.
Very decent.
Check It Out!

Also, full WAV download available here:
Much Love!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Yulia Gorodinski

So anyway!
Lack of posts, my apologies, been busy working in retail and playing about on that Tumblr thing, or whatever it is you cool kids play with.
Heres a little treat for you all.
Yulia Gorodinski.
Stumbled across her recently on the "old blogosphere".......
and all I know is, she takes a decent self portrait.
Ten Points.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Hello Hello Hello Hello!
Hello to you all!
Thought to myself the other day, this blog lacks a bit of photography!

Throughout the second year of my course, My photography tutor, (the legend that he is) was always trying to push this "mode" onto us, trying to explain that, its not what the picture is of, or the subject thats captured but what the picture is saying. It sounded weird, but you could kind of see what he was getting towards. In words, its hard to describe, but you could see by examples that he knew what he was doing.

“Photography can only capture and represent the present. Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past.”

So here's some I took earlier.
A proper treat for your eyes.
Have Fun.

Finally, some snaps cant be rehearsed, But turn out better than you could imagine.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What Do You Get When You Cross A Catholic And A Muslim?.....Fashion Designs Silly.

Slightly in your face title there.
What can I say, I do advertising.
A few weeks / months ago I told you about a little project I was helping with to do with a fashion collaboration. Well now, I have pictures to boot ladies and gentlemen.
last I heard, Zainab was on for a first which is exciting news and fingers crossed she gets it, the girl worked hard for it.
I haven't seen the finished pieces/ garments yet, but I do have some illustrations, mood boards etc... to show how the "Colab" went down!

Secondly, I stumbled across these beauties in my personal work folder.
Summing up what these are is a tricky business, but a nice phrase to use is:
"The Love Child Of A Complicated Three Way That Boredom, Scanners And Photoshop All Play Leading Roles".

Saturday, 19 June 2010


One day,
I was with my girlfriend. This is down in Florida. She took me to this place. It had all kind of things growing. She gave me something. It was a mushroom. She said "eat it", she said. A mushroom. "What is that?". She said "Eat It". I don't think she knew what she was talking about. She's kind of a wild girl. I don't think she was that wild. I ate the mushroom. And I said "It doesn't taste like much". She said "Wait a minute". So I waited a minute. I waited a few minutes. And the next thing I know. I was walking on clouds. They were beautiful clouds. And my girlfriend was talking to me. While I was walking on the clouds. And everything felt beautiful. I almost felt like I didn't have any feet. No floor under me. It was beautiful. We looked in each other eyes. On top of these clouds. And we were talking with each other. With our mouths wide open. And all of a sudden. She let me go. But I didn't fall. I floated. But I was further away from her. Until the next thing I know she wasn't there. I was by myself. And I was on grass again. It was very soft grass. I walked through the grass. And everything felt beautiful. I was one with nature. Until I saw the mushroom. I wasn't with my girlfriend. I was with somebody else. She was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life. I don't know how it happened. I don't even remember walking to her. But the next thing I know. We were playing tongue hockey. I was kissing her. But real deep. It was beautiful. My girlfriend was no where around. But I didn't even care. It was the most beautiful experience of my life.
I never saw that girl again.
I never took a mushroom again.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

All The People, So Many People....

Oh My Days!
Went to Parklife Festival this weekend in God's Country..... MY GOD did it surpass all expectations.
Few Highlights to share if I may.
Bookah Shade, Nailed It!
Erol Alkan, Nailed It!
Kissey Sellout, Nailed It!
Friendly Fires..........
Stole the show basically, Best end to a day I have had in a long time.
Fingers Crossed its back next year.
Heres a pic I took, Sorry about the quality, was on zee iphone, quick bit of photoshopping, hey presto!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

I Am A Ballkamaniac...Fact.

From someone who, admittedly, is slightly opinionated when it comes to music, over the past 3/4 years, I reckon I have switched through music taste like a hoar switches clients.
When I got to Uni I was all about Funky house and a bit of Indie.
You know the score, big up Fratellis and a bit of Fedde Le Grande to welcome in the evenings.
But after listening to multiple remixes, re-rubs, re-fixes & dubs blah blah blah...
You not think things just start sounding a bit too similar....?
Might just be me, but I'm sure fidget is well and truly in its grave right now and Dub Step just doesn't appeal to me.
Especially when people think its an excuse to start a mosh pit.
And do NOT get me started on every single shite remix Afrojack puts his closed off mind to.
Its like at the moment, nobody can place on the table something different or unique, its like it needs a new thinker or someone to hold it all up and say:
Its a noticable thing aswell. Someone finally does something different, and they get noticed. Take Deadmau5 as an example. Got Brave. Tried something new. Did his own thing. Got massive. Got notcied. Made a wedge. Got a free iPad.
Caspa, TC, Rusko. Dropped a bit of Dub. Got Huge.
Jack Beats, Threw out some wonk. Did it tastefully. Draws in a crowd.
The Point I'm making is, way I see it, this is the next thing.
Its got flavour to it. Something inside me just connects to it, in a big way.
Have a listen and decide yourself. We need more music like this.

“I despise a world which does not feel that music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”

Go Sick. Get Raw. Presents: Go Travel. Get Cultured.Vol.2. by Bradshaw!

P.S. Death To Tiesto.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Doodle This...Draw A Wolf.

Hello To You All!
Had a few new thoughts to things I could venture into graphics wise but ill keep them close to ma chest for the time being.
Currently, I'm in the middle of designing a new logo for my mate DJ Rob Williams, so hopefully, get some of his mixes on Soundcloud, give away some free downloads and show off his new logo at some point on the awesomeness that is Go Sick. Get Raw.
Secondly, I'm in collaboration with Zainab Asghar for a G-star Project to do with Urban Subversion.
I hold my hands up and admit, She's doing the majority of the work on this one and I must say, it looks ace from the drawing's I've seen.
Soon enough I should have my own doodles stitched into denim and ready to rock!
Fingers crossed I get a copy of the fashion drawings and pictures of her final pieces to post up on here!
On the subject of doodles, thought I'd throw some more personal work up on here, been a while since I've posted my own work, so enjoy!

Drew A Wolf.

Last, but definitely by no means least, I had to post this little beauty, still haven't got ma hands on the MP3, but when I do, my days....EXCITEMENT.
This Song 100% Gets A Bradshaw Thumbs Up. When A Song Truly Strikes A Chord In your Soul, What Is There Left To Do But....
Go Sick And Get Raw.

Ke$ha Ft. 3oh!3 - Blah Blah Blah (Skeet Skeet & PeaceTreaty Rave Rave Rave Rmx) by skeetskeet

Saturday, 13 February 2010

It Makes Your Hands Feel Worthless

Since we last met, I must say I've been less than productive in the old design doodling front, But what I will give myself credit for is finding these little treats! Its been a while since I've had a good perve on the old blogosphere, and after countless hours, Success.

Chrissy Angliker.
For starters, my first thoughts after reading the name was that he was a guy. After further research, I changed "Thought" to "Know", and change "Guy" To "Stereotypical Bleach Blonde Swiss Bird". I've had a nosey at her design work and wasn't exactly "amazed, overwhelmed, inspired etc..." but I stumbled across these paintings before looking through her complete portfolio and I can say that these impressed me.
On previous experiences I've come across this dripping kind of painting, might of even dabbled in some whilst attending Pendleton College (Shoutout) but I haven't witnessed ones that grabbed my attention so much. You could say that she might of had a lucky accident or a happy mistake along the way, but the majority all seem to have the same affect. It might be colour choice, it might even be that she's reworked the same piece time and time again, but the way I see this saturated shit is, and this is a good theory so I'm going to bang a little © on there is that:
If you venture into it with a heart full of ambition and passion, you will be famous for either A: landing it on a Topman t-shirt (good on ya!) or B: Famous for making a fair bit of money from it (Cashback!)
So, on that note, I will officially hand over to her the title of "Good Dripping Painting Swiss Painter Girl" and let you decide for yourself. Remember, click on any of the photo's to see them full screen and also have a nosey at her website to see more from her

When Did You Last Build A Fort?
For the main course, I couldn't help but bring out the kid in me.
Seeing these pics made me think about spending primary school summers at my Nanas and transforming the back living room into a massive fort! I will give these guys credit, they are pro's at what they do and frankly shit over anything I mustered. They are true pioneers of this dying exercise and I salute you and your incredible achievements.

Where's My Fucking Lazer Cutter!
Dessert is here and its sweeter than ever!
I introduce to you Scott Campbell.
Scott's a tattoo artist currently residing in Brooklyn, he charges $300 an hour and more than likely does a half decent job for that price. He's inked people such as Mark Jacobs and Heath Ledger and restricts the number of appointments he does week in week, treating his profession as a fine art form. Moving swiftly on from his tattoo's, the thing that I'm more in love with is his lazer art. Now, the next few pics are literally wedges of dollars that have had his designs cut into them. A unique idea that has been beautifully executed in my eyes. His art undoubtably gets both my thumbs firmly raised to sky!
Give yourself a pat on the back lad!
Finally, I cant stress but for you to see these in full screen, its well worth it, and if you want to see more form him check out his homepage:

Thursday, 4 February 2010

We Cant Stop Here, This Is Bat Country!

"Ah, devil ether. It makes you behave like the village drunkard in some early Irish novel. Total loss of all basic motor skills. Blurred vision, no balance, numb tongue. The mind recoils in horror, unable to communicate with the spinal column. Which is interesting because you can actually watch yourself behaving in this terrible way, but you can't control it. You approach the turnstiles and know that when you get there, you have to give the man two dollars or he won't let you inside. But when you get there, everything goes wrong. Some angry rotarian shoves you and you think "What's happening here? What's going on?" And you hear yourself mumbling..."
Raoul Duke

This is my own DVD cover, click on it to see it BIG!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Getting On A Rolla!

Suddenly, out of no where, I've been slapped round the face by this Bleepy, Techno, Minimal music. And the more I listen to the DJ sets I get sent, the more I can see this new sound emerging. (When I say new sound, its like what popcorn was to the 80's, yet I can see this stuff getting big) In my head, the majority of it sounds like somebody's getting rattled on a squeaky bed in the room above you, but there's something about it I cant help but love. Its so catchy. Now the youtube videos wont do them justice, a full 320 WAV file would of been better, but that © symbol probably means its best I don't post downloads.
So, here they are, a few of my favorites that Bradshaw Highly Recommends.

First Up we have Mowgli- London To Paris. I first heard this on a set my man Calvin Reid did, and it stuck out from the rest of the songs like a sore thumb! After hearing it a few times, the beat is that bizarre, that if Train Spotting 2 was ever to be filmed, and they shot a scene in Uni halls with a sex addict above the room on a squeaky mattress...... whilst the person in hand was lay there suffering from an acid trip, I do sincerely hope that this song would be considered. Enjoy.

Seconds up and I introduce to you Punk Rolla! The remix that I do love o so dearly is a cut up of an old Beatles song- Getting Better. After a mixed success rate with Bass Weazal, Punk Rolla is half of the two man army going solo. This remix, on release, hit the top ten downloads on the Hypem charts and since then he has gone on to remix Marvin Gaye's Grapvine and Daft Punk's Robot Rock among others....This tune Bradshaw Highly Recommends.

Third up on my list of treats is Renaissance Man's Spray Can. The youtube video doesn't really do it much justice I'm afraid, yet its something to listen out for. When its played a little quicker and a lot louder e.g. When your in a club....(or in Jack Jones on a saturday afternoon) You will realize the full potential this song has to offer. Heres a clip off Annie Macs show with the girl smashing out the song!

Finally, Going off the bleeps is a little beauty I've had hold of for a while. Its Boy 8 Bit- Baltic Pine. Interestingly enough, it has a seriously late drop, and in the sets I've heard its been used to tone it down slightly and go from one song to the next, yet i think its a corker of a track and well worth the listen whilst doing some work. The youtube video I'm doubting is its official video but all the same, it compliments it nicely. Bradshaw smashes two thumbs up and Highly Recommends!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Funny Eh?

Now this is 100% what I'm about. This is one of the best pieces of work I've done in a long time. The story behind it came about one night when I was having a "debate" on facebook. After struggling to describe my view on life, and after being asked a silly question (Something along the lines of "why are all men dicks!?") this went from my brain to finger tips in seconds. I dunno what went on, but reading it back I thought "Ye im impressed with that!"
"Funny Eh?"
Even if no one else does, I deffo give it a Bradshaw thumbs up!

Sunday, 31 January 2010

I Shot Jonny!

The date of the shoot is unknown, because I forgot (my bad), but the brief was to
"Devise a concept that captures a background statement that isn't an obvious part of the shoot"
Now, as tricky as that sounds, I had a brainwave. On the scale of brainwaves, this isn't no Windows Seven brainwave, that will completely revolutionize an operating system.... (that in reality is probably just full of shit and lies) but I found it to be quite a good little brainwave never the less! The shoot was for two boutiques in Huddersfield, One being a couture boutique (The Left Bank) and the other being a vintage shop (Magic). The thing that they both have in common is that there single shops, and are unique to Huddersfield.

Now following them lines, the big question was:
"How do we portray "Unique" other than shoot the location?"
At first, it was a nightmare to approach. Finding this "Code" came across as a near impossible task, yet after several cups of coffee and a few cheeky cigs- BAM it hit me! Signitures!

Following the concept came ideas, the code was in place, the scene was set, the copy for the campaign was being discussed and all I had to do now was find a model and obtain enough signatures to fill a studio wall.
The signatures couldn't of been easier to get hold of, we just didn't really give people the option of saying no, and scoured the library making people sign post-its.

The next part is something to tell the grandkids.
Jonny was a good friend of mine from when I was working in the Kingsgate Centre. One evening doing an all nighter I bumped into him in the library and we got talking, I then seen him on a few nights out....etc etc etc...
A few days later, this brief came up and he seemed perfect for the occasion. So I got on the blower the night before and said "Mate there's one thing me and you both know your good at, Standing there and looking fucking beautiful......any chance i can borrow you for a couple of hours tomorrow??"
Now, baring in mind that he was up all night doing a project and hadn't slept, I think we both agree that the guy delivered. The Copy for the campaign was
"Unique To Huddersfield, Unique To You"
......Heres a few of the pics!