Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Getting On A Rolla!

Suddenly, out of no where, I've been slapped round the face by this Bleepy, Techno, Minimal music. And the more I listen to the DJ sets I get sent, the more I can see this new sound emerging. (When I say new sound, its like what popcorn was to the 80's, yet I can see this stuff getting big) In my head, the majority of it sounds like somebody's getting rattled on a squeaky bed in the room above you, but there's something about it I cant help but love. Its so catchy. Now the youtube videos wont do them justice, a full 320 WAV file would of been better, but that © symbol probably means its best I don't post downloads.
So, here they are, a few of my favorites that Bradshaw Highly Recommends.

First Up we have Mowgli- London To Paris. I first heard this on a set my man Calvin Reid did, and it stuck out from the rest of the songs like a sore thumb! After hearing it a few times, the beat is that bizarre, that if Train Spotting 2 was ever to be filmed, and they shot a scene in Uni halls with a sex addict above the room on a squeaky mattress...... whilst the person in hand was lay there suffering from an acid trip, I do sincerely hope that this song would be considered. Enjoy.

Seconds up and I introduce to you Punk Rolla! The remix that I do love o so dearly is a cut up of an old Beatles song- Getting Better. After a mixed success rate with Bass Weazal, Punk Rolla is half of the two man army going solo. This remix, on release, hit the top ten downloads on the Hypem charts and since then he has gone on to remix Marvin Gaye's Grapvine and Daft Punk's Robot Rock among others....This tune Bradshaw Highly Recommends.

Third up on my list of treats is Renaissance Man's Spray Can. The youtube video doesn't really do it much justice I'm afraid, yet its something to listen out for. When its played a little quicker and a lot louder e.g. When your in a club....(or in Jack Jones on a saturday afternoon) You will realize the full potential this song has to offer. Heres a clip off Annie Macs show with the girl smashing out the song!

Finally, Going off the bleeps is a little beauty I've had hold of for a while. Its Boy 8 Bit- Baltic Pine. Interestingly enough, it has a seriously late drop, and in the sets I've heard its been used to tone it down slightly and go from one song to the next, yet i think its a corker of a track and well worth the listen whilst doing some work. The youtube video I'm doubting is its official video but all the same, it compliments it nicely. Bradshaw smashes two thumbs up and Highly Recommends!

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