Saturday, 13 February 2010

It Makes Your Hands Feel Worthless

Since we last met, I must say I've been less than productive in the old design doodling front, But what I will give myself credit for is finding these little treats! Its been a while since I've had a good perve on the old blogosphere, and after countless hours, Success.

Chrissy Angliker.
For starters, my first thoughts after reading the name was that he was a guy. After further research, I changed "Thought" to "Know", and change "Guy" To "Stereotypical Bleach Blonde Swiss Bird". I've had a nosey at her design work and wasn't exactly "amazed, overwhelmed, inspired etc..." but I stumbled across these paintings before looking through her complete portfolio and I can say that these impressed me.
On previous experiences I've come across this dripping kind of painting, might of even dabbled in some whilst attending Pendleton College (Shoutout) but I haven't witnessed ones that grabbed my attention so much. You could say that she might of had a lucky accident or a happy mistake along the way, but the majority all seem to have the same affect. It might be colour choice, it might even be that she's reworked the same piece time and time again, but the way I see this saturated shit is, and this is a good theory so I'm going to bang a little © on there is that:
If you venture into it with a heart full of ambition and passion, you will be famous for either A: landing it on a Topman t-shirt (good on ya!) or B: Famous for making a fair bit of money from it (Cashback!)
So, on that note, I will officially hand over to her the title of "Good Dripping Painting Swiss Painter Girl" and let you decide for yourself. Remember, click on any of the photo's to see them full screen and also have a nosey at her website to see more from her

When Did You Last Build A Fort?
For the main course, I couldn't help but bring out the kid in me.
Seeing these pics made me think about spending primary school summers at my Nanas and transforming the back living room into a massive fort! I will give these guys credit, they are pro's at what they do and frankly shit over anything I mustered. They are true pioneers of this dying exercise and I salute you and your incredible achievements.

Where's My Fucking Lazer Cutter!
Dessert is here and its sweeter than ever!
I introduce to you Scott Campbell.
Scott's a tattoo artist currently residing in Brooklyn, he charges $300 an hour and more than likely does a half decent job for that price. He's inked people such as Mark Jacobs and Heath Ledger and restricts the number of appointments he does week in week, treating his profession as a fine art form. Moving swiftly on from his tattoo's, the thing that I'm more in love with is his lazer art. Now, the next few pics are literally wedges of dollars that have had his designs cut into them. A unique idea that has been beautifully executed in my eyes. His art undoubtably gets both my thumbs firmly raised to sky!
Give yourself a pat on the back lad!
Finally, I cant stress but for you to see these in full screen, its well worth it, and if you want to see more form him check out his homepage:

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