Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What Do You Get When You Cross A Catholic And A Muslim?.....Fashion Designs Silly.

Slightly in your face title there.
What can I say, I do advertising.
A few weeks / months ago I told you about a little project I was helping with to do with a fashion collaboration. Well now, I have pictures to boot ladies and gentlemen.
last I heard, Zainab was on for a first which is exciting news and fingers crossed she gets it, the girl worked hard for it.
I haven't seen the finished pieces/ garments yet, but I do have some illustrations, mood boards etc... to show how the "Colab" went down!

Secondly, I stumbled across these beauties in my personal work folder.
Summing up what these are is a tricky business, but a nice phrase to use is:
"The Love Child Of A Complicated Three Way That Boredom, Scanners And Photoshop All Play Leading Roles".

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