Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Doodle This...Draw A Wolf.

Hello To You All!
Had a few new thoughts to things I could venture into graphics wise but ill keep them close to ma chest for the time being.
Currently, I'm in the middle of designing a new logo for my mate DJ Rob Williams, so hopefully, get some of his mixes on Soundcloud, give away some free downloads and show off his new logo at some point on the awesomeness that is Go Sick. Get Raw.
Secondly, I'm in collaboration with Zainab Asghar for a G-star Project to do with Urban Subversion.
I hold my hands up and admit, She's doing the majority of the work on this one and I must say, it looks ace from the drawing's I've seen.
Soon enough I should have my own doodles stitched into denim and ready to rock!
Fingers crossed I get a copy of the fashion drawings and pictures of her final pieces to post up on here!
On the subject of doodles, thought I'd throw some more personal work up on here, been a while since I've posted my own work, so enjoy!

Drew A Wolf.

Last, but definitely by no means least, I had to post this little beauty, still haven't got ma hands on the MP3, but when I do, my days....EXCITEMENT.
This Song 100% Gets A Bradshaw Thumbs Up. When A Song Truly Strikes A Chord In your Soul, What Is There Left To Do But....
Go Sick And Get Raw.

Ke$ha Ft. 3oh!3 - Blah Blah Blah (Skeet Skeet & PeaceTreaty Rave Rave Rave Rmx) by skeetskeet


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